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Stage 1 Female Sale 2017

Wattletop Angus complete female herd dispersal

“I have always thought things should be done with Passion. Whether it be following Geelong Footy team or fishing, or cooking, eating and sharing with family and friends.

That is how I have bred Angus cattle for the last 35 years- with Passion. And together with Passion, I believe I have done it with integrity and a focus to breed cattle that are sought after for the right reasons. That it is to perform where it counts, in the paddock, in the feedlot, in the chiller and all importantly, on the plate.

Due to succession and family planning and property distribution, the time has come to wind up my beloved Wattletop Angus Herd.” Lock Rogers, Wattletop Angus stud principal.

Dispersal Sale Report – Stage One

It was supposed to be an emotional tribute to a job well done but Lock Rogers shed few tears after stage one of his life’s work was dispersed to the four winds.

Wattletop’s record female Angus sale on Wednesday, hosted by Ray White Guyra/ Armidale…

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