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Door Key Wagyu


We have been breeding wagyu since 1994 so were one of the earlier exponents of the breed in Australia. We were introduced to wagyu by Heather Suares from Qld who had a Japanese business partner with three restaurants that we were to supply with F1 wagyus from our angus heifers.

The next year Heather sourced what turned out to be extremely good genetics from the wagyu pioneer, Wally Rea, The Overflow. That year we used the legendary Michifuku together with Haruki 2, Overflow Kaneyama, and Katsumi. Oscar and Mihashi followed soon after. At that stage we were focused 100% on F1 production which I still believe is an outstanding enterprise. In 1997 we developed a long term relationship to supply F1s to Oakey Holding’s Whyalla Feedlot

In 2005, as part of a family succession distribution, we transferred 500 cows to Lock jnr. At  that stage we decided to expand our tiny nucleus of full blood wagyu cows. We flushed a Michifuku daughter, Door Key U401 to Westholme Kitateryasu doi (003) then flushed the resulting daughters together with purchasing some embryos from Angus and Ann McLure from Tamarind Wagyu and also from  Longford Wagyu.

Through our experience in F1 production, we specialise in producing high content Tajima genetics in our full blood herd of 100 cows. We supply bulls to clients wishing to take advantage of the superb calving ease attributes of Tajima Wagyu as well as maximising the value of the outstanding and highly sought after progeny. Currently there is an increasing list of feeders, processors and exporters wishing to access F1 through to full blood wagyu cattle.

With the focus of our genetics being used in mainly angus herds for F1 production, we use sires such as Michifuku, Haruki 2, Kaneyama, Shigeshigetani from the Monjiro line.We also use Terutani   40/1, Itoshigenami (TF148), Westholme Kitateryasu doi (003), TF004, Yasifuku Jnr, Itozurudoi (TF151).We are currently using Westholme Kitaitonami C650 by Kitaguni Jnr from a TF 148 cow. We have used Ichiryuno and Shikikan as well as TF728 together with some other Shimane and Kedaka lines back in the pedigree to improve growth and maternal traits.