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Breeding Philosophy

The Wattletop program strives to produce efficient industry genetics that suit today’s modern markets, both for producing male animals that perform at an elite level on grass or in feedlots, and functional, fertile, low maintenance females that cope with a wide range of environmental conditions. This same level of superior genetics and high performance EBV’s is also ideally suited to the seedstock producer .

This same level of superior genetics and high performance EBV’s is also ideally suited to the seedstock producer .

With the help of breedplan , embryo transfer and large scale AI programs , Wattletop is producing lines of very high performing , well-balanced bulls maintaining moderate birth weight , calving ease, high growth to 600 days with moderate mature cow weight .Meat quality is an increasingly important selection trait because at the end of the production and marketing line , it is the customer in the supermarket or butcher shop or restaurant who values MEAT QUALITY over and above anything else.

Bulls with high marbling , high eye muscle area and high retail beef yield are constantly being used to improve carcase performance over the base of highly fertile, high growth and maternal Wattletop females.


We believe that marbling is one of the main indicators of meat quality, hence the reason for so much emphasis on this trait. We are tailoring our breeding program to produce genetics that will produce high quality beef to suit our higher valued markets, both export and domestic.

Naturally we want Wattletop clients to market their product at the most profitable end of the spectrum . Wattletop’s last draft of steers that were fed at Rangers Valley Feedlot resulted in 92% grading marble score 3 and higher.

Wattletop Dam and CalfWith the constant use of the best carcase bulls available we are confident in moving toward 100% compliance to the Japanese B3 market . The yearling bulls that we use ourselves to achieve these results are sold as 2 year olds at our sale, thus enabling our clients to achieve similar results.

Blake and Helen Finlayson from “Stonebrook” Guyra joined their Andy son they purchased from the sale in 2013 with 54 cows and got 53 in calf.  Pete Comiskey from “Westpoint” Nebo in Queensland made the following comments

“We’ve been using Wattletop bulls for 4 years now in an effort to improve the quality and fertility of our brahman and santa based commercial herd.  Lock’s bulls were clean coated, robust and had plenty of length.  The calving rate and quality of the progeny was evident right away, which when bringing these bulls to the northern climate was a bit of a concern.  We have been very impressed with the cross and we may need to get a longer branding cradle if it continues.”


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