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Wattletop Sires Benchmarking Program


If you have been wondering who the medal winners are in our latest ad campaign we have been referring to E111 and G188. Wattletop is a great supporter of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program which we believe is one of the most important initiatives of Angus Australia. Sometimes the results may be painful while at other times gratifying. This program provides REAL performance (in particular carcase) data that strengthens the accuracy of the animal’s EBVs.

We believe ranking highly in this program to be greater than any ribbon won in a show ring because all cattle are subject to the same commercial conditions to achieve consistency in the data. In the 2nd cohort of 47 sires, Wattletop E111, owned by Knowla Angus and Booragul Angus was around top 30-40% in most traits but ended up #2 bull for carcase marbling and MSA Index and #4 for feed efficiency.

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In the 4th cohort, Wattletop G188, owned by Rogers Livestock Dyamberin, ranked 6th for low birth weight, 3rd for 200 day growth, 1st for 400 , 600 day growth and EMA and feed efficiency(ebvs top 1% of breed).

Wattletop G188 was the most heavily used AI sire In the Wattletop herd last mating with heaps of progeny already born this calving. As well as being a multi trait leader, we have never assisted any of his two year old daughters at calving or pulled a calf by him. An added bonus was every one of his two year old daughters got pregnant while rearing their first calf.

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