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About Us

Wattletop Angus Breeding Program

Our Angus breeding program is built on a solid herd of 500 registered females that we select for fertility, longevity, doing ability, temperament, structural soundness and ability to raise high grading calves.

In our herd of 500 registered Angus females we flush and transplant about 100 embryos each year.  We have been using Embryo Transfer programs for about 15 years and over time we believe we have increased the quality and consistency in our cattle.  Every cow in the herd must calve unassisted, raise a calf every year and meet our structural requirements to remain in the stud.  Each cow is assessed and classed by an independent assessor annually.  The culls are downgraded into the commercial herd or used as recipients in our Embryo Transfer programs.

We find that by culling the nonperformers from the stud (and downgrading to commercial cows) the quality in our herd continues to improve every year and we are reducing the number of lower grading stud calves being produced.

Independent Structural Assessment

Dick Whale from Independent Marketing and Breeding Services (IBMS) assesses our entire cow herd every year and the sale bulls at least three times in their life before sale day.   Having our cattle independently assessed allows us to make unbiased decisions on removing cattle from sale that don’t make the cut structurally.  Grading our cow herd as well as our bulls is also a way for us to identify longevity in the cows.  We still have 12 year old cows in the herd because they continue to produce high grading calves year in, year out.

The History of Wattletop Angus Stud

The Wattletop Cow Herd was established in 1983 when the dissolution of the White and Bell Partnership made a portion of the Glenavon herd available to Trish and Lock Rogers at Wattletop.The Glenavon Angus herd’s origins date back to the importation of Angus cattle from Scotland by the White Family of Edinglassie in1888. FJ White brought his Angus herd to Saumerez, Armidale where they were run as well as at Bald Blair, Guyra.The Bald Blair Angus Stud was registered by HF White in 1908.

In 1949 the Glenavon Stud was formed when FG White and his sister PM Bell took their share of the Bald Blair herd. The original Wattletop registered herd consisted of 55 HBR and APR cows which were initially used to breed bulls for the Wattletop commercial herd. 30 bulls were catalogued at the first Wattletop on property sale in1990 (which was a helmsman auction).